2. It took me 7 months and 9 days to listen to my mothers voice via voicemail for the first time since her unexpected death. This self-portrait was taken after listening to the voices of my mother and friends for the first time since her death. 

    Hear the audio here: http://jessicavanfleteren.com/the-death-of-a-voice-taking-shelter-7-mo

    This piece will be exhibited @ The Center for Fine Art Photography

    Center Forward 2014
    Exhibition Dates: July 18 – August 30, 2014
    Public + Artist’s Reception: August 1, 2014

  3. mpdrolet:

    From UGANDA

    Jessica Van Fleteren

    (via motofemme)


  5. yourmung:

    What a big honor to be included.

    Really excited to be in this, and really excited about everyone who is in it as well ! 

  6. The other day Paul surprised me with this little beauty cx500. We will be working on her together, changing up a few things. Hopefully with my creative brain and Paul’s mechanical background/skills we can put together something worthwhile. 

    We decided to call her Jill Baby .. named appropriately after my mother (RIP). 

    I’ve never been more excited. 

  7. jessicavanfleteren:

    Bo Streeter, Washington Heights, NYC 2012

  8. jessicavanfleteren:

    Clinton, CT 2012 with Emily Lane

  9. jessicavanfleteren:

    Self. 2012 Bushwick. 

    November 20th 2012

  11. Jake after pond hockey 

  12. jake

  13. Linds 

  14. Linds 

  15. jessicavanfleteren:

    On the way to the boarder of South Sudan, Northern Uganda 2011